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Critical Incident Response

Trauma can be any human experience that is out of the ordinary. It can impact on staff morale, well being efficiency, productivity and profit.

A Critical Incident is an experience so much out of the ordinary that normal coping resources may become ineffective without specific intervention.

A Critical Incident may include:
  • Sudden death
  • Major injury
  • Actual or potential physical attack
  • Serious accidents that witnesses find frightening or repulsive
  • Extreme verbal abuse

Solutions for Life, offers a rapid ‘Critical Incident Response’ to assist organisations manage trauma using trained and accredited personnel, so that the organisation retains control during a trauma.

Solutions for Life’s trauma management consists of
  • Preparation to ensure adequate protocols are in place should trauma occur
  • Control to ensure that the organisation maintains control during a trauma
  • Normalisation to ensure a movement back to normal functioning as quickly as possible

The Critical Incident Response involves assisting those individuals directly exposed to a critical incident trauma to normalise the experience and to return to normal functioning as quickly as possible.

The Response involves:
  • Assessment of the response required
  • Assistance to management in handling the incident and maintaining control of the process
  • Defusing
  • Education
  • Debriefing
  • Follow up of employees and families

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